• With extremely professional knowledge and experience and can accurately master relevant laws and regulations so that be able to give flexibility and depth to the investment layout.
  • Specializing in comprehensive investment fund services and asset management business to provide a fully tailored investment proposal to asset management companies, institutions and individual investors.
  • Focus on creating high-yield compliance fund investment strategies for clients to obtain the possibility of a lasting increase in capital.
  • On behalf of private or institutional investors to provide fund set-up, administration, and integrated solutions related to investment structures.
  • Create investment profit through the management strategies of various funds and the familiarity with the regulations.
  • Always put the interests of our customers first. Through careful planning and risk management to create outstanding performance for every investment.
  • Focus on the following fileds of expertise:
  • One of the world's largest financial center.
    • Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive (AIFMD)
    • Specialized Investment Fund
Focus on the following service items
  • Fund & Sub-Fund set-up
  • Management Company (ManCo)
  • Assets Management & Controls
  • Fund Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing & Sales Support
  • Fixed income - Building the investment services with global, regional, and diverse fixed income
  • Multi-asset - Customized investment strategy for multi-asset integration services, and integrating diversified asset classes to capture diversified returns opportunities
  • Alternative Investments - Innovative thinking, providing diversified risk to create a multi-return source so that be able to reduce single investment risk