Supporting the Sustainable Initiative


In Siegfried, we are a supporter on raising ESG(Environmental, Social and Governance) awareness with consideration of ESG within our business.  We understand the importance of ESG and sustainable investing, as it’ll help to limit or lower negative environmental and social impact while by adopting appropriate actions or policy strengthen the governance within the organization.  The key elements or focal points on ESG initiative are 1) Mitigation of Climate change elements, 2) Support of Social diversity and promote of social equality, and 3) Strong and consistent practice of Governance.  Within each of the key ESG elements, there are measures with general consensus to be supportive of the initiatives.


In Siegfried we believe in every player has a role in supporting and upholding individual responsibilities. We seek to take part in the ever-changing landscape of protecting the environment, supporting social awareness, and improving internal governance.


We seek to incorporate ESG into our investment approach, attempt to generate financial value and support sustainable growth.  We target to adhere to industry standards and practices for responsible business.


We hope that the requirements for ESG must be internalized, from KPI to DNA, to be more meaningful and insightful.


Because environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, we must take more responsibility and actions, "have funds in our hands and sustainability in our hearts", and always remember our commitment to the earth. Counting social, human, and natural capital, this is the company's true capital.

Siegfried believes the importance of promoting sustainability is on maintaining the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations.  It’s the target of the Company to continue to raise awareness within and if possible, beyond to help promote the initiative. We believe success in promoting sustainable initiative begins with recognizing social responsibilities, and if execute properly, sustainable investing will not only bring value and success to us and our valuable partners, but also bring positive changes to community and environment.

The Group adopts a top-down approach in excluding certain industries or products within the investment of International Trade Finance universe to help support the ESG awareness and sustainable investment. 

Industries or products that are considered or traditionally perceived having adverse impact socially and/or environmentally are discussed and put on the exclusion list, i.e. gambling, tobacco and fossil fuel etc.   The Company continues to monitor and screen for industry or product that might post environmental, social or sustainability issues.


Siegfried as a signatory of the UNPRI (United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment) aims to act for the long-term interests of our partners, beneficiaries, and society. We committed to incorporate ESG issues with our investment analysis and decision-making processes. We strive to perform such tasks consistently and will continue to improve our ability to meet commitments to benefits broader interest of society.

Net positive impact

Integrate ESG into capital markets and promote social responsbilities
Comply with laws and regulations while promoting green manufacturing
Create a diverse, inclusive workplace and care for the disadvantaged

Siegfried’s social mission


Make ESG a corporate purpose and build a Siegfried culture

Use innovative methods to improve products and improve the quality of human life

Not only locally and nationally, but also internationally

Siegfried sustainable investment


Simplify practice and implement concepts

Unify standards and ensure promotion

Information disclosure is clear, complete and transparent


For future sharing of ESG related material or articles


For future sharing of ESG related material or articles